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The Paranormal Pulse was developed as a living, breathing, organization. All members have an equal say in every aspect of its development, growth, and management. Paranormal Pulse was founded on the concept that a paranormal investigations team must learn something in regards to the paranormal with every single investigation it performs. Collecting sound or video clips means nothing, even if they are the best evidence of paranormal to date, if something wasn't learned about "why?" we were successful. One of the principle fundamentals of any science is to be able to consistently achieve a goal! For example, scientists researching cures for life-threatening diseases don't release a 'cure' at the first sign of success. They look for a high statistical probability of success for each suspected cure before releasing it to the general public. The same concept applies with us. In order to achieve this, we must research why we are successful, and what we need to do to achieve multiple successes.

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Privacy and Professionalism

Paranormal Pulse takes the trust of our clients seriously. We respect the privacy of our clients, and will never knowingly divulge information which our clients do not wish us to disclose. In fact, our clients are provided with a secured online environment where they can establish permissions for the release of information regarding their case. They have full control over who can see all aspects of their case information here on our public website! Without these permissions being set, no information of any sort will be released to the public! It's our privacy policy, and we stick to it!

Professionalism is what makes us one of the best paranormal investigation teams in the field. During the initial setup of Paranormal Pulse we established several by-laws, and Guidance Memorandums, which establish and direct how we act, to ensure our professionalism is kept in high regard with our clients and the general public. It's something we take very seriously, rest assured.